Let’s get to today’s advice…

…Playing it safe is destructive.

The longer you wait, the longer you hesitate, the longer you sit on the fence and analyze and get ready to get ready, the worse it is for you.

Every single one of us is a unique snowflake that has been gifted with talents and medicine that can only be gifted from you.

When you sit on the fence and think about whether you’re going to get hurt, or not, you are robbing not just yourself, but all of us.

It all comes from overanalyzing and I know it because I’ve done it for the longest of times.   It is this idea of trying to get it right and if right has ever existed.

Right and wrong are mental constructs that are made up…

Right in England may be wrong in Scotland.

Right for the Republicans will be different from the Democrats.

Right for me, maybe wrong for you.

This idea of right and wrong does not exist and it is based on and built on false pretense that there is some going to be some kind of security…

Guys, there is no security.

Everything in the world is always changing, always moving and for those of you who are just graduating from college or figuring out that the job market doesn’t work the way it used to.

The security of a degree, the security of a job for 30 years no longer exists.

The best thing you could ever do it get off the fence and jump!

Stop playing it safe and you know what I mean, so if you are in let’s say a new relationship, when you’re dating someone and you find that the person is so beautiful and so fun and you want to give it your all,  but you also fear that  if you give your heart they will break it or vice versa.

You think what if I put everything in and it doesn’t work?

Stop the What if, what if and more what ifs…

But guys it’s not about the product it’s about the process. It’s about who you become on the way.

It’s about the scrapes and the falls.

It’s about the profane and the profound.

It’s about the juice of life whether it be bitter or sweet.

It’s about being in the game.

So many of us sit on the sidelines and wait while we try to figure it out and we analyze and we analyze.

we sit there and we want to have the safest little plan and make sure that we’ll never be hurt, or hurt anyone.

Pain is a part of life.

Sadness is a part of life.

Anger is a part of life.

Stop trying to sidestep what’s there and get in the game and see what you’re made of.

Some of you guys, I’m sure you can relate to this when it comes to relationships, have you ever dated someone that you thought this is my one?

You thought this is going to work out forever and we’re going to ride off into the sunset and we’re gonna make out and we love each other all the time, right?

And then what happens in a  few months, or in a few weeks?

Something came up and it ended,  but if you really take a look you may find that that was one of the biggest and best gifts you ever had, because you were in that relationship and you weren’t playing it safe…

You got to see what it felt like to be in the dance.

You got to learn patience.

You got to learn where you’re being triggered and what you need to work on to move to the next level to prepare yourself for your one, but you’ll never find that out if you’re sitting on the sidelines playing it safe.

From my heart to yours, please please give us your gift.

Stop waiting.

Tomorrow is not promised.

The day you read this, thousands of people did not wake up from their sleep.

Give your gift

Live,  love,  give love,  be loved. 
And start from right now

*Adapted from a video in the creative commons by Preston Smiles entitled PLAYING it SAFE might be killing you – PROCRASTINATION cure.*