Just a quick post, whilst I write up a more extensive post on goal setting, as I thought these five questions would be a good starting point to think about goals.

Think about what V.A.L.U.E you can add to the world…

It’s a useful acronym to remember…

Vision: What do you see?

Achieve: What is that thing you want most?

Learn: How will you grow?

Understand: What will you begin to understand about your life unfolding?

Experience: What has your experience taught you and can it help others?

Start looking at your life through the V.A.L.U.E. lens…

And ask yourself questions like…

  • What is the value I am bringing to every day, every week, every month?
  • What’s my vision?
  • Have I achieved what I intended to do?
  • Have I learned?
  • Did I truly understand that lesson?
  • Can others learn from this experience I just had?

Just a little teaser, while I compile a nice big goal setting post for you.  🙂

Hope it gets the thought buds tingling.