Warning!! Sort your business leaks out!!! (Read on to find out what they are)

I want to start by talking about Kevin Kelly.  Kevin Kelly is the gentleman that wrote the article about 1,000 true fans at KK.org.

How many of you all have heard about that article?

I think it’s it’s really old in (internet terms). I think it’s over a decade old but it’s relevant.

(its here if you’d like a read – https://kk.org/thetechnium/1000-true-fans/)

When you have a moment, read the article.

Basically, what Kevin Kelley says is you shouldn’t be trying to get everybody onto your list.

You shouldn’t be trying to get everybody into your marketing funnel.

It makes sense that you’re not marketing to everybody and even if you’re inside the internet marketing niche believe it or not you don’t want everybody there!

You need to know that your market is not everybody and your job isn’t to make as big a list as possible

Now, I know that you know the money is in the list and the bigger your list is then the more you’re gonna be able to make when you send out affiliate offers and links to buy your own products.

If you go after everybody, it’s not going to be sustainable because the way that you sustain a presence is that you need to figure out who you’re after and what it is you want to deliver.

So the person you’re really only after is somebody who’s a true fan of your work.

You want a true fan who reads every sentence of your work.

You’re not after a true fan of internet marketing…

You’re not after a true fan of whatever your niche is..

You’re after a true fan of your work in the niche you are in and when you find those people you will then be able to apply what Kevin Kelley is saying in the article.

Here’s what he’s effectively saying as internet marketers and you’ve probably heard this,  what we tend to be most concerned about is positioning and packaging, so we talk about going to get graphics,  we talk about rebranding the graphics, we talk about changing headlines, we talk about changing the copy and getting it in front of the right people and all those are good things.

One of the things that Kevin Kelly’s pointing to is that we have to also be concerned about purpose.

When I say purpose please do not think that I’m talking about in the inspirational motivational sense.

Here’s what I mean by purpose…

You know what is this for, who is this product is for. The better you define this the more unique your product is going to be.

I’m gonna dare to say it I know that this is gonna sound a little over-the-top but I think you have to have somebody in mind.

When you have to have a somebody in a niche in your mind, you can think more clearly on who is this for and then what’s it gonna do for them?

If you really want to see kind of the profit come back anything,  you have to be willing to decide what is this, who this is going help and what it’s going to do for them?

You’re gonna be the one writing the ad for it, you’re gonna be the one writing the social media post you’re gonna be the one mentioning it on your podcast, you’re gonna be the one mentioning it in your video.

You have to be talking to somebody and you have to be talking to somebody what is this and what is it going to do for them.

Here’s what Kevin Kelly says he said when you started getting clear on who your person is…

Only then can you start looking for your true fans.

What Kevin Kelly says is that in order to have a sustainable online income or sustainable creative income we only need a thousand people to spend a hundred dollars with us every calendar year.

(Note: When I use the word creative I’m not talking about necessarily a musician or a painter, they certainly fall in that category, but  what I mean by creative  is that you’re going to produce something that comes out of your head it’s gonna be an idea of some way and you’re gonna package it in a way that’s going to give value to people so you’re not gonna make anything with your hands.)

Does that make sense?

Do you all understand the numbers there..

If you have a thousand people –  1,000 true fans to spend $100 with you every calendar year, well that brings you to $100,000 a year.

Basically, that’s what you’re trying to do..

You’re trying to get 1,000 people to spend a hundred dollars with you every year and what we did was we said I mean you can make some adjustments to that.

Maybe your numbers are different, but the formula is still the same.  What is your goal?

Can you visualize most a thousand customers and they’ll spend a hundred dollars a year, that’s reasonable?

You can visualize 1,000 customers if you got one customer every day for the next three years, right?

I’m not saying this has to take that long I’m saying if you got one customer for the next three years right you’d have those 1,000 customers.

Of course, you get them faster than that, but I’m just saying that if all you did on your online business and you got one customer to spend a hundred dollars and you kept that customer for three years, by the time three years was over you’d have your thousand customers and then you just need them to be spending a hundred dollars a year with you, not a hundred dollars a month – a hundred dollars a year.

I’m going to suggest a book to you that I am reading right now that will talk about positioning – It’s by Ryan Holiday, it’s called “The Perennial Seller”.

If you have a chance to get that, it will help you understand this process further.

How are we gonna get those 1,000 people to spend a hundred dollars with us?

That’s the all important question!

We’re gonna have to get them to buy stuff, we’re gonna need to do upsells.

An upsell is going to get you closer to getting people to spend $100 with you, each year.

You need to do upsells and  I know you hear it irritates people and I guess if you do it wrong it can but you need to do upsells.

I’m just gonna say here there’s going to be something that you need to have as part of your marketing mix.

You want a closed-off non leaking funnel.

You have got to close the leaks out right.

What are the leaks?

What I mean by that is all the little places where people are clicking on links and they’re not clicking on your own product link, but they go into someone else’s product.

Just think about all the little places where people are opening up PDFs from you and they’re not clicking on your links,  all the little places from you and you’re sending people off to affiliate links and directing them to here there and everywhere to go and get stuff for their internet marketing business and you’re not directing them back to your site.

The number one thing you got to do tonight is you got to close off the links.

First of all anybody’s clicking on the link on your blog in your PDF on your website in your emails right from your business cards you have to close off the leaks in your funnel because if you have business cards and those business cards do not send people to an opt-in page you have a leaky funnel.

Go google your name like google “your name internet marketing” and you need to see what this with the first 10 pages are, because if I go google you and then I go click on one of those links and you don’t have anything either putting me into an opt-in page or something close to that you have a leaky funnel.

If people are gonna come check you out, but you’re not gonna capture their email does that make sense so so so before you do anything wait tonight you gotta close up the leaks of your funnel and do the best you can.

In some cases, you’re not gonna be able to close them all up.

Do the same thing for your Facebook profile, your fan page, your YouTube channel, your LinkedIn page.

Close up those areas on your funnel so that when people come and see you for the first time that they have an opportunity to get with you further.

Doesn’t that make sense?

You might not get all your leaks in one sitting and that’s okay.

You need to close off the leaks in your funnel to have sales that are automated.

So in other words, you have to do these things and this is where those of you who have multiple PLR products and you have it and you haven’t hosted them you haven’t put buy buttons on them you need to do that next.

Get them hosted, get a Buy button on them and start telling people about them when they come to your website.

People click on links all the time as people get curious.

People go looking for stuff if you don’t even have your offers hosted and you have them available, then it probably takes you 20 minutes to get to get a PLR product hosted.

There really is no reason for you to have not to have your PLR products hosted.

You’ve got to make sales and to automate it you can’t make sales that are automated if you don’t have your products hosted, because what you’re gonna end up doing and this is what most marketers do – they send people to affiliate links.

That’s fine and you’ll make money but it’s leaky.

How many of you all have ever heard this concept that people talk about in various economic circles and they talk about how a dollar circulates…

Whether or not a dollar is circulating in the community?

It’s something you gotta apply to your business Is $1 circulating inside of your marketing funnel or not. If you have a leaky business that means that you’re not making as much as you should be making and you’re leaving money on the table.

That means if I buy something from you that I should buy two things from you.

If you find out what else I need then you should have linked someplace for me to buy it from you.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with affiliate marketing, as I do affiliate marketing but I’m saying to you that you have to have other things where people buy it from you and so the dollar circulates with you, before it goes outside.

It’s an important point then that doesn’t get discussed enough because that really is how you get to your $100 in a calendar year per one person.

This is how you make your sales funnel automated and so this is really why you need to know who you’re marketing to and what they’re going to need.

To do this you gotta be talking to people, whether you do it through surveys, ask them directly, however you do it,  you gotta to be talking to people and finding out what they need.

If you know they need it you don’t want to create it then you go and buy something with PLR rights.

If you know people are asking about Facebook ads and they’re on your email list don’t go wait for somebody to launch it go buy it – I don’t care if it’s not on the launch price right because more than like they’ve got two or three people asking for something and you have it available  more than likely  other people are gonna want it too.

To find your true fans, you need to producing content regularly as they need to find out.  This could be video, articles, whatever medium you like.

If you’re not creating content on a regular basis then how will your true fans find you?

Your true fans are gonna find you even if you write blog posts.

You said nobody’s reading my blog posts –  well keep writing.

But, nobody’s coming to see my youtube channel, then keep creating videos by creating them on a regular basis.

Nobody’s watching, I don’t have any engagement on my on my Facebook lives then keep doing them on a regular basis.

But pick your medium and try not to do everything.  Don’t keep swapping and changing when it doesn’t work straightaway.

Think I’m gonna do one thing gonna do it right.

Part 2 Tomorrow 🙂